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John Grisham

America's Favorite Storyteller

A bit of advice

Dear Reader,

A bit of advice: Decline the invitation to zip-line across a crocodile-infested body of water.

Crocodiles are cold-blooded killers. They’ll eat anything, including humans. A pond full of crocodiles plays a small but upsetting part in my new legal thriller, THE GUARDIANS. The incident occurs just about halfway through the book and is based on an anecdote I heard that I take to be true. There you have it, my first trigger warning.

THE GUARDIANS is about so much more than crocodiles, of course. It tells the story of a wrongfully and fraudulently convicted man, a lawyer’s effort to free him, and the ruthless cartel that wants to keep the case closed.

Wrongful convictions are serious injustices, and the lawyers who dedicate their careers to exonerating the victims are true heroes. The main protagonist of THE GUARDIANS, Cullen Post, is one such hero. He’s a good man pursued by a lot of bad guys who demonstrate a willingness to commit appallingly evil acts.

Sometimes crocodiles are involved.

I hope you enjoy this novel.