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John Grisham

America's Favorite Storyteller

My Holiday Wish for You

Dear Reader,

So, here we are, with another holiday season upon us.

The days are short. The pace gets hectic with the shopping and errands and the parties; the cards to write and send; gifts to wrap and deliver; candles to light; trees to haul and decorate. So much food in the fridge. So much food to cook. So much food to eat! Cooped up with the kids and the dogs and cats, who pull down decorations, eat Santa’s cookies, and drink his milk.

In the midst of this often overwhelming profusion of activity and distraction, it’s easy to forget just how blessed we are on this beautiful Earth, in this great, sometimes baffling country. So much opportunity, so much abundance, so much affluence. Yes, there’s strife and suffering, but there’s also grace, and kindness, and humility, and generosity.

It’s my hope and my wish for you this holiday season that you catch your breath long enough to take stock of your blessings: good health, simple pleasures, the people you love, the people who love you, the innocence of children, a fire in the hearth, a glass of wine, and a good book. The book doesn’t even have to be one of mine.

Wishing you good cheer and all the blessings of the season,






John Grisham