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John Grisham

America's Favorite Storyteller


A bit of advice

Dear Reader,

A bit of advice: Decline the invitation to zip-line across a crocodile-infested body of water.

Crocodiles are cold-blooded killers. They’ll eat anything, including humans. A pond full of crocodiles plays a small but upsetting part in my new legal thriller, THE GUARDIANS. The incident occurs just about halfway through the book and is based on an anecdote I heard that I take to be true. There you have it, my first trigger warning. (Read More)

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It’s been a long drumroll…

But THE RECKONING has finally come! On sale today, an appearance on “CBS This Morning” this morning, and a few tour stops ahead.  Thank you, as always, to the best booksellers on Earth and to the most loyal, patient – and discerning – readers in the world!  I hope you enjoy this novel.  It is…

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Yes, I’m Going on a Book Tour

It’s less ambitious, but the venues and guest authors are great!

NEW YORK > Tuesday, October 23
92nd Street Y – John Grisham, Janet Maslin and George Pelecanos … Read more

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Look Who’s Raving About THE RECKONING

A number of us at Doubleday have read and published some extraordinary books over the years. But when the manuscript for The Reckoning landed on our desks in June, we devoured it like novices. We were immediately blown away by the scope and the ambition of the novel. Before long we had arrived at this…

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This novel is very different from the others

Dear Reader, When I published A Time To Kill almost thirty years ago, I never thought about how many books I might eventually write. In fact, I still have no idea. The Reckoning is number 40, and to commemorate that nice round number I am taking readers back to where it all started, to Ford…

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My Holiday Wish for You

Dear Reader, So, here we are, with another holiday season upon us. The days are short. The pace gets hectic with the shopping and errands and the parties; the cards to write and send; gifts to wrap and deliver; candles to light; trees to haul and decorate. So much food in the fridge. So much…

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THE ROOSTER BAR, a #1 New York Times Bestseller!

I pinch myself all the time at my good fortune to do what I love for a living. As with most authors, I sit alone for months pulling words from the air and putting them on paper. When I’m satisfied with the work, I send it off to my publisher, Doubleday. Months later, I open a box to…

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